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Individual support

If you wish, you can also receive individual support from Alexander during this course. He will also advise you on how best to find your gong.

Over 18 years of experience

Alexander has over 18 years of experience with the gong. He plays for large groups, exclusive and closed teams and individual sessions

Join from everywhere

With this online course you can join in wherever you have an internet connection, whether at home or on the move, on a computer, tablet or mobile.

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At a glance

In this online gong training you will easily learn to play the gong with Alexander. It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or are just starting out. The gong is an important tool on your way to successfully work with people mentally. 

Whether for relaxation, coaching, therapy or yoga/meditation. You can play for yourself or for other people to help them. In addition to the pure playing technique, you will learn a lot of background knowledge, which will make clear why and how the gong works so efficiently. And of course you will have fun on your way to playing the gong.

After this Gong training you can:

This course is ideal for you:

Your Journey with the Gong

Here you will learn exactly how you can use your Gongspiel later. How is the course structured and of course, Alexander Renner will introduce himself to you. If you don’t have a gong yet, here’s how to get one.

The course includes

  • 7 videos,
  • 4 minutes of text with images, and
  • a bonus video giving you a sneak peek into the rest of the course.

In this module, you actively dive into playing your gong:

    • Get to know mallets and how to hold them properly
    • First strikes
    • Transition to intuitive gong playing
    • Valuable exercise to become one with your gong

6 videos
+ Bonus Video: Tips and Tricks.
+ Quiz Test.

Here you will learn how the gong play with the audible and above all tangible vibrations penetrate the body and work there.

Important background knowledge:

  • Brain waves
  • Vibrations
  • entrainment and
  • mental states.

3 videos
+ 4 minutes text with picture
+ quiz test

Play your first complete gong relaxation

  • Levels, volumes, and stages
  • Play the fundamental pitch
  • Play and sustain overtones
  • Create a continuous flow of sound
  • Create a frame and environment for relaxing

8 videos  

+ Bonus video: Complete Gong Relaxation

+ Quiz Test

Develop your gong playing further into the long gong bath or gong meditation.

  • This is a gong bath or gong meditation
  • More overtones and volume
  • Different playing ranges on the gong
  • Playing back safely and gently
  • Preparation of player and participant
  • Your voice and effect

8 videos

+ quiz test

Build more variations into your gong playing and model your sound even more diversely

  • Hand gongs and playing techniques
  • Friction Mallets and playing techniques
  • Playing with two mallets
  • Setting accent strokes

8 videos

+ quiz test

Now you design and perform an evening-long gong session in a suitable setting for your guests/audience/participants.

  • Volume, use and effect
  • Setting and design of a gong evening
  • Gong bath with hand gong, flumi and varied play

4 videos

+ Extra video: Long gong bath with hand gong and gong driver

+ quiz test

Are you ready to start?

The Advanced course includes the free introductory course, the Basics course, and an additional 3 modules with advanced gaming techniques, knowledge, and tips from Alexander.

Only 450 €

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60 days return policy

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