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Helping people with the gong

At A Glance

In this online training Alexander introduces you to the world of gongs. Get to know the gongs, see how Alexander does it and decide if you want to go deeper with him.

It doesn’t matter if you have previous knowledge or are starting from scratch. The gong is an important tool on your way to successfully work with people mentally. It can be used for relaxation, coaching, therapy or yoga/meditation. You can play for yourself or for other people to help them.

Alexander goes into the history of gongs, how to find your gong if you don’t have one yet. In short, he prepares you for your future gong playing. So that you can have fun and enjoy playing and progress quickly.

After this Gong training you know:

Gongausbildung Alexander Renner


Your Gong Trainer

For many years, Alexander Renner has been researching sound, frequency and its effect on us humans. With the gongs, he has become acquainted with the best instruments for reaching people with vibrations and frequencies. They are his passion, which he gladly passes on with heart and soul.

Alexander experiments and studies with old and new techniques and technologies to optimise life, body, brain and inner attitude. This involves modelling brainwaves, nutrition, meditation, mindset and health.

He has been performing gong meditations since 2005. His mentor and teacher Nanak Dev Singh trained him with him. For many years Alexander was allowed to study in Nanak Dev’s proximity. From this, the core of his trainings and the spiritual business of meditation gongs emerged.

Now we live in a digitalised urban society in the 21st century. People’s needs on the outside are directed towards faster, better, further, more. On the inside, however, there is often an emptiness. Alexander has made it his task to bring people back into connection with themselves, to regenerate and switch off. This works for the family man, the business woman as well as the yogi – with the gong.


About Alexander

The family father lives with his wife and 3 children in Upper Bavaria between Munich and Chiemsee. From his home base he travels to his workshops, trainings, lectures and mental counselling sessions.

His mission

To give people a tool with which they can find inner peace easily, quickly and effectively. The power for big and small deeds comes from silence and regeneration.


Participants' comments

I play all the time and have already built up a really nice relationship with my gong.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great weekend. I am really surprised how structured you have made everything and above all how you have stayed with your “red thread”. despite all the questions in between… Caroline

This gong training is for you if...

  • You want to learn to play the gong at your own speed.
  • You want to be independent of seminar dates and travel hassles.
  • You would also like to have a closer look at some of the contents.
  • The course will take place in any case. No matter how many participants register. No danger of cancellation.
  • You can take your Online Gong Training with you wherever you go and watch the videos wherever you want.
  • Your privacy is safe. You can ask questions individually, even personal things that you would otherwise not like to reveal in the group.

This gong training is not for you if

  • you like to be in a group and play together with others
  • if you also want to learn from questions asked by other participants
  • you would like to get away from home
  • you want to leave your family life behind for your training

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