Gong Training Resilience and Sound - english

Gong for inner strength, stillness and resilience

Gong training resilience and sound

The Interaction of Gong - Sound and Silence

The interaction of gong - sound and silence

The gong comes from silence and goes into silence.

It’s now time to start. Learn from a gong trainer who has been able to relax people in hundreds of gong sessions for over 18 years. Alexander accompanied them on their journey, challenged them and strengthened their resilience.

What you can play on the gong

You will significantly expand the variety of your game

    • Connection between healing, sound and the gong
    • How do you structure a Healing Gong session
    • Your equipment: The right set up for a resilience gong session
    • Gong playing techniques for an individual and group session
    • Use of your voice, leadership and clarity of language
    • Your visualization, becoming one and separating again with your client
    • The Anahad Circle as the central circle during the long support phase with your clients

Silence and gong as a unique sound work

When playing the gong, your participants disappear into another room. Your breathing flows calmly again, you find peace and can forget about everyday life for a while. You experience silence as an active element in interaction with the vibrations of the gong.

Gongausbildung Alexander Renner

This is what you learn and practice:

    • Gongs, different types, history
    • Playing position is kneeling next to the gong
    • Various mallets/beaters
    • Theta gong meditation for resilience with silence
    • Designing and setting up a gong session for resilience
    • Interaction between vibration and brain waves
    • Dealing with obstacles, lack of energy and slowing ego impulses
Gongausbildung München

Your Start

The first steps: Where does the gong come from, what types and sizes are there, what do we use it for?

Sound- Frequency -Effect

How does the gong affect the human body? What happens in the brain and heart? So you can use this for your gong game

Gongausbildung München

Playing the gong - basics

You start with the first strikes, get a feel for the velocity, the size of the gong and the basic tone of the gong.

Gongbad- Gongmeditation

Gong bath - Gong meditation

You will further develop your gong playing so that you can play a full-length gong bath or a gentle gong meditation.


Building resilience and inner peace

Now you can transform tense feelings of pressure into relief, permanent stress into resilience and inner strength.


Designing a long gong session

Now you design and play an evening-long gong session in a suitable setting for your guests/audience/participants


Gong session 1:1​

The individual session with one person as a client/patient – on the floor or on the therapy table

Anahad Gong Training

Voice and gong

Use your voice and the gong in guided mental exercises.

Anahad Circle

The Anahad Circle

These areas of life are fundamental to the lifestyle your clients desire.


Your Gong Trainer

Alexander Renner has been researching sound, frequency and its effect on us humans for many years. With the gongs he got to know the best instruments for reaching people with vibrations and frequencies. They are his passion, which he loves to pass on with his heart and soul.

Alexander experiments and studies old and new techniques and technologies to optimize life, body, brain and inner attitude. It’s about modeling brain waves, nutrition, meditation, mindset and health.

He has been playing gong meditations since 2005. His mentor and teacher Nanak Dev Singh trained him. Alexander was allowed to study near Nanak Dev for many years. This is where the core of his training and the spiritual business Meditationgongs came from.

Now we live in a digitalized urban society in the 21st century. People’s external needs are directed towards faster, better, further, more. However, there is often an emptiness inside. Alexander has made it his mission to bring people back into connection with themselves, to regenerate and to switch off. This can be achieved by the father of the family, the business woman and the yogi – with the gong.


About Alexander

The father lives with his wife and 3 children in Upper Bavaria between Munich and Chiemsee. He travels from his hometown to his workshops, training courses, lectures and mental counseling sessions.

His mission

Giving people a tool with which they can find inner peace easily, quickly and effectively. The strength for big and small actions comes from silence and regeneration.


Participant voices

I play all the time and have already developed a really nice relationship with my gong.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great weekend. I’m really surprised at how structured you did it all and, above all, how you stuck to your common thread. despite all the questions… Caroline

Online Gong Training

Be inspired by the gong and its effect on your participants with all its details, challenges and beauty. Dare to conquer it one stroke at a time and enrich your work with it.

This gong training is for you if you

  • want to use the gong for relaxation, meditation, peace and letting go of stress
  • want to touch people with it and reconnect with your true self
  • would like to know why sound and vibration work the way they do
  • want to incorporate background information about our deep-seated programming into your work
  • want to achieve your success quickly and clearly
  • are 100% committed

This gong training is not for you if you...

  • want to play the gong for concerts, stage shows or in a classical ensemble
  • want to learn intensive white sound gong playing
  • you are not sure within yourself that you want to invest in a gong and training
  • want to stay within your comfort zone and are afraid to take risks
  • the way is too far for you, the circumstances aren’t right and you don’t want to be in the group.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, slow down, take a break – when you play the gong you slow down automatically. Every hit on the instrument demands your attention, your current mood is transferred to the sound. Playful experiments lead you into experiences, you relax and create a small island of strength.

Valuable overall package of gong training

  • Contents Value
  • 4 days gong training 820 Euro

    You will learn how to play the gong from scratch using different gongs, playing positions and techniques.

  • Coaching and support 620 Euro

    Alexander goes into detail about how you play the gong, your future goals and how you use the gong. You play individually, so you have many You will receive individual coaching for your gong game. The group size is therefore limited.

  • Gong selection 80 Euro

    Alexander will advise you on the selection of your future gong equipment. You will find the gong package that is right for you.

  • Handouts 80 Euro

    Numerous handouts with the content of the individual modules

  • Inspiration and Motivation priceless

    Personal support, inspiration, joy and a very special time just for you

  • Overall course worth 1600 euros for 820 euros

Places are limited

We attach great importance to small groups. This allows your gong trainer to concentrate much more intensively on you. You and your gong game take up a larger space. You should be the focus.

Nevertheless, you get this valuable training for only €820 (2 weekends) or €1240 (3 weekends)

Register quickly. Experience shows that all places will be filled soon.

You organize your meals and, if necessary, overnight accommodation yourself.


Gong training resilience and sound

including 2 days of individual sessions
  • Gong training resilience and sound, 4 days
  • Gong training therapy and coaching, 2 days
  • Design therapy and coaching sessions
  • Theta meditations as a text template
  • Participation in the group sessions
  • Personal coaching for your gong playing
  • Certificate
  • Gong Community with annual meetups and updates
2 in 1 package

Gong training resilience and sound

4 days, 2 weekends
  • Gong training therapy and coaching on 2 days
  • Gong training on a total of 4 full days
  • Theta meditations as a text template
  • 6 inspiring modules
  • Participation in the public gong sessions
  • Personal coaching for your gong playing
  • Certificate
  • Gong community with annual meetups and updates

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You don’t need a gong before training.

Alexander has enough gongs with him. You can play and test them in detail and are welcome to choose and buy one for yourself.

You will receive your own handouts for all the topic blocks that Alexander presents. They complement your notes.

Yoga/meditation teachers
alternative practitioners


Coaches and counselors


Those interested in sound

In this gong training, Alexander starts at the very beginning with his gong playing technique. So you can take part without any prior knowledge.

Your participation in the training courses is possible with restrictions. We have chairs to sit on. The seminar room is on the ground floor.

Alexander will adjust your gong playing position individually with you.

You will receive a list of possible overnight hotels/inns in the area approximately 4 weeks before the start of your training.

I hope we were able to answer all your questions and make you really interested in this valuable gong training. Follow the joy and get involved in the gong.

Kind regards, Alexander


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Mannheim 2024

Your gong training is on Saturday and Sunday

February 17 and 18, 2024

March 16 and 17, 2024

in the Yogaroom of Dr. Yigit, yoga room
J7 19
68159 Mannheim

You will receive a quick confirmation and invoice for the gong training:

50% = €410 immediately
50% c= €410 a. 4 weeks before the start of the training

Once you have paid the amount, your place in the training is secure

+ Gong training therapy and coaching 1:1

Your optional gong training for individual sessions is on

Saturday + Sunday

Currently being agreed upon.

in the practice of Dr. Yigit, yoga room

J7 19
68159 Mannheim

You will receive a quick confirmation and invoice for the Gong Training Sound and Resilience + Therapy and Coaching 1:1

50%= 620 Eur immediately
50%=620 Eur approx. 4 weeks before the start of the training

Once you have paid the amount, your place in the training is secure

Questions and information

Do you have another question and are not quite sure? Call Satya Singh Alexander Renner directly:

0176 42030707 (WhatsApp/Facetime call)

08093 9054429 landline

or write an email

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